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Wuhan: City of golden week building " fall " price of house of lowe

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Reporter Huang Zhenlin reports: "You do not depreciate, others reaves your client likely. " the golden week, business of Jiangchen numerous development is contend for client of scare buying room, hit greatly in succession depreciate card. The reporter understands yesterday, between long holiday, building of periphery of line of fierce prosperous core dish lowest all price falls to again new low -- be not worth 5000 yuan / square metre.

Those who hit this price is to be located in first floor of Xudong poplar garden dish. Salesperson introduction, rolled out room of more than 100 special offer this, the two houses that 88 square metre control, the price is in 430 thousand - 470 thousand yuan, all valence makes an appointment with 5000 yuan / square metre, lowest is monovalent 4700 multivariate. This building dish this year June when open quotation, the price since two rooms achieves 6000 yuan / square metre.

Before 3 before this many months, core line lowest all valence is medium first floor of boreal road firm open quotation dish 6100 yuan / square metre. Compare so, at present core Lou Panjun price already fell 1000 yuan / square metre.

And in Wu Changna lake, first floor dish hit directly " fall continuously 100 thousand yuan " old standard; Around additional first floor dish, look for sale chief inspector allegedly, on the price that can making an activity at present, hit again 9 fold.

The personage inside course of study thinks, how much is what decide to develop business life and death now to depreciate, however cash flows. Second half of the year will be a fastigium that development business pays, bank loan expires, project money should pay. The requirement of steam again capital is made depreciate become must.

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