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"Change a room to swim " sadly arisen expert reminds should notice

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Xinhua net Chongqing on October 1 special telegram (reporter Xu Xuzhong) during National Day grows a holiday, hill city Chongqing sadly arisen " change a room to swim " , a few citizens and different ground dweller carry a label temporarily crossing-over building agreement, the different ground that enjoys economic material benefit swims. However, the expert inside course of study reminds, the citizen is in experience " change a room to swim " while, also should notice to be on guard " change a room to swim " risk.

As we have learned, the travel that change a room is a kind of burgeoning travel means, the tourist of two different areas exchanges each other house, car to wait, travel to the city of the other side. Current, "Change a room to swim " main operation form has the following two kinds: Between the kin that is different city, friend or acquaintance, reach through the agreement under the counter " change a room to swim " purpose; Still have even if be in through intermediary net originally between the netizen that each other is not acquainted, through exchanging Fang Yuanxin breath hind reachs the agreement that change a room. With form a delegation swim, self-help swims to be compared, "Change a room to swim " advantage clearly, economic material benefit, have domestic warmth again, go out travel somebody " guard the entrance " , do not accept restriction of travel busy season, can widen human association is encircled etc.

However, the expert inside course of study reminds, "Change a room to swim " actual it is bilateral building the person is opposite legal use a kind of exchange of legal use. As what change a room to swim arisen, a few hidden trouble that because of the market immature place brings expose gradually come out: The publicity of information of privacy of the destruction that exchanges the establishment inside the building, person that exchange discloses, the person that a few hearts put against the law feels this is even piece " larcenous invitation letter " . Current, home still does not have corresponding safeguard mechanism and mechanism of examine and verify, also did not supervise a mechanism, the safety of the person that change a room ensures very easy out of control. Accordingly, the citizen goes up not blindly to exchange a building with stranger in the net, legal to identity of the other side, building use has made certainly before changing a room check the work, seek safety exchange associate and formulate hands over formalities in detail, basis thing preengage negotiates the problem that solves after this to may appear surely.

Origin: Xinhua net