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The urban Nanjing that grows up ceaselessly " the first high-rise "

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  450 meters! The first high-rise seals Jiangsu now very

5 days ago, on September 26, on edge of old rotary table of Nanjing city drum-tower, 450 meters tall violet peak large building seals a top smoothly. All previous classics is built more 1 year, "The first high-rise of Nanjing " laurel, was pulled by violet peak edifice that day in the bosom.

From go up century 80 time Nanjing and even complete China are highest is Jin Ling restaurant, reach the violet peak large building nowadays, reforming and opening comes 30 years, as the ceaseless advancement of urban change quickly, "The height of Nanjing " climb ceaselessly litre. Still media coverage says, 100 tower that iron pipe alley wants to build record of 518 meters tall, fingered citron in the near future east " Jin Lingfu is smooth " ... the record of the first high-rise of Nanjing is returned will by " refresh " .

   Hero rises: The high-rise of ceaseless refresh is recorded

Store of golden eagle international 58 216 meters tall, Shang Maoan field square of new century of 56 218 meters tall, big make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital 53 232.2 meters tall, be in the Nanjing that build at present international square edifice of violet peak of square of 82 346 meters tall, greenbelt 88 450 meters tall... unpluggingly and the skyscraper that rise, can say the building that is Nanjing modern city labels and symbolize flourishingly from some kind of meaning.

At present the first high-rise of Nanjing city should be belonged to in the mansion of Nanjing violet peak that build, this skyscraper is in Jiangsu is provincial also be highest. Edifice whole design amounts to 450 meters highly, main body is 381 meters tall, total floor 89, its already built all over the world highly and rank in the skyscraper that build 7. Violet peak edifice is located can of a sector of an area says " ground king " -- drum-tower a sector of an area is the axes in the axes in Nanjing administration and commerce hand in collect place, 4 mark line, lines hand in Youdetieyi collect turn the main export that multiply, group of trade of opening of new still market and the main join that Hunan distance business encircles are nodded.

The reporter is in violet peak edifice " below the foot " see only, the edifice of topping the sky, hope not to look to reach the summit. A construction controller tells the spot the reporter, 381 meters high main body structure seals a top smoothly on August 27, and the beacon with building 69 meters tall top after a month formal also on September 26 finishing, nanjing city will become after the end of the year is full this year edifice building " newly mark " . As the world of enterprise of 500 strong delegates enter halt, in the center of the Nanjing world-class that is declare the center with violet peak edifice of business affairs area formal " Yo is become " . "To moment, the business affairs area that estimates new market opening big boss position, also can be pounded certainly. Also can be pounded certainly..