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City of Shanghai holiday building: Occasion is hot but look to buy

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"11 " the holiday building city during although amass wealth by heavy taxation many people are angry, but still appear " look to be bought more little " situation. Picture of spot of Yan Liqin of morning paper reporter

"11 " holiday building city pulled open heavy curtain yesterday, the reporter sees in the spot, energy of life of this person of city of second holiday building is apparent relatively before this year a few Fang Zhanwang many. Brand development business arrives almost neat, regular bus seeing a room also demands exceeds supply almost. Nevertheless " look to be bought more little " the circumstance does not have much about-face. The personage inside course of study is analysed, although city of each district building saves municipal plan frequency to go out, drove city of partial town building to clinch a deal broken ice, but city of building of Shanghai support holiday is pulled move the near future to clinch a deal considerably the possibility of get warm again after a cold spell is not large.

   A day 5 times of regular bus seeing a room are used not quite

The reporter sees last noon, exhibit photograph comparing with before two rooms that run this year, 10 thousand divisions, big China, golden ground, answer ground, world luxuriant, protect the brand such as benefit to develop business almost all arrives neat, the person of the spot enrages apparent flourishing many. "This is today last times see room regular bus, catch follow closely please. " controlled partly at 3 o'clock afternoon, the staff member back that garden of Olympic of a Shanghai sees room regular bus grows senior team accordingly, outside moving toward exhibition, the person that see a room sits almost full two each many 30 passenger cars.

The reporter notices, the regular bus seeing a room that each ginseng develops the arrangement that send dealer has 4 one day to arrive 5 orders, the enormous passenger flow that faces unexpected is added even, but or almost every can sit full. Nevertheless the reporter also discovered a few those who see a room " mystery " , building of Song Jiang dish hit " see a room send acoustics " advertisement, the room should see only between room exhibition period, can obtain the computer sound that gives a flying benefit riverside. A building that enters a room two years to exhibit continuously dish the selling manager tells a reporter, see a room send a gift repeatedly, come nearly two years or see for the first time.

   Song Jiang, 3 Lin Lou dish center sales promotion

According to sponsorring square introduction, this ginseng exhibits a building dish have 180 about many, have dozen of building that loses sales promotion among them dish estimation is occupied two into, main concentration hands in 9 lines along the line and Pudong in loose river course area of 3 forest land, favourable extent and means relatively before a few times the room is exhibited increase somewhat, but overall and character, favourable degree depreciates as 89 month the building with older range dish.