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11 building city sales promotion of Guangzhou: General goods room r

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"11 " the golden week is Guangzhou building city's most large-scale since this year sales promotion schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, many buildings dish roll out substantially dozen lose privilege, there is no lack of on the market " 3 words head " , " 4 words head " floor price.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the project of room of two price fixing that is located in scientific city, also be the price fixing that Guangzhou is making work twice only at present dish. In the morning 10 when 30 minutes, the reporter arrives above all be located in the new course of development of 10 thousand divisions that starts highway north and boundary of wide Shan highway. This building dish ministry of carry out building welcomed 89 visitors only inside half hours, occasion compares cold and cheerless. Live in sea bead area, Mr Wang that goes to work in the flower to express, this price fixing dish highest price fixing is 6000 yuan / square metre, the price is a few higher than his psychological price, "If sell 4500, 5000 yuan / the word of square metre, then I am bought immediately. Then I am bought immediately..

Subsequently, the reporter comes to scientific city Lou Panlong of another price fixing Guang Feng Jing Huating, this dishes of price fixing 4000 yuan / square metre. Adjacent midday 12 when, this dishes sale has 45 settle or live in a strange places only inside the center. Miss Wang that sees a building together with male friend tells a reporter, she goes to work in scientific city, want to buy a house around so. Miss Wang expresses, hear around commodity house sells 3000 multivariate / square metre, the plan goes looking. Another Mr Chen that sees a building is firm anew the city of Heng Dashan water of the pond looks a building, lowest price is this dishes foreign room 3360 yuan / square metre, than price fixing dish low still, he expresses to need to compare redo to buy a room to decide well.

Besides Heng Dashan water is suburban, to scientific city price fixing dish form percussive to still not far from scientific city An Yuandong greens jade Gui Yuan (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) phoenix city, this dishes roll out a batch of new units, semifinished product all valence 3200 yuan - 3400 yuan / square metre, take the foreign room that decorate to be 4000 yuan / square metre, this dishes price also compares price fixing dish cheap, bought the home not less to see price fixing dish hind see this dish surely, the decision buys those who buy commodity house to be absent a few.

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