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"Depreciate king " city of building of Chongqing showing a body eve

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Jin Jiuyin 10, drop in Chongqing house price drop endlessly, building city is greeted history on the most large-scale depreciate when tide, netizen newspaper stuff says, building of scene of Jiang Beiyi river dish at present room of scene of 2 period rivers is covered inside all valence 4900 yuan / square, and before this, this building dish price ever was as high as every square metre 8000 yuan. The netizen says, this building dish this year since second half of the year, every square metre fell 3100 yuan, fall nearly 40% , can says " of Chongqing building city depreciates king " .

   "Depreciate does king " show city of body Chongqing building?

As we have learned, this building that the netizen indicates dish the city of Pearl River sun that is located in either end of a bridge of Jiang Beihuang garden namely. After learning this one information, the reporter inquired pertinent information on the net instantly, result discovery, this building dish depreciate extent is more more breathtaking than what netizen place says, this building dish provides newest and dynamic data shows, on September 24, 2008, 2 period north fight city of Pearl River sun to honour made remaining part dish special offer, set inside 4200 yuan have overflow shock base price, challenge the sales promotion catchword of bottom line of price of house of Chongqing river scene.

Be in what just go on September 18, this building dish sales promotion content is 2 period north are fought counterpoise to honour day Jing Hua of Gejiang of Ji of cabinet, day curtilage, amount of source of special offer room is limited, area 86.9 smooth rice rises, cover inside all valence 4900 yuan / since smooth rice. And historical price shows, on April 8, 2008, its all valence still is maintained be in 8000 yuan / the perch of smooth rice.

Before this, depreciate in what Chongqing building city lifts in mad tide, constant big real estate is so-called sell group of building, China world to roll out with the 8.5 cost price that change 8.8 fold privilege to wait to had calculated going up is market minimum price. But city of Pearl River sun casts 4200 yuan when go out this / a price of smooth rice, opposite at its history maximum price 8000 yuan / smooth rice, around price difference is such great disparity, depreciate extent is as high as nearly 50% , the " that pardonable netizen weighs its play to attach most importance to the city that celebrate a building depreciates king " .

   "Depreciate is king " just playing words or act meant to amuse or to excite laughter?

To make clear nitty-gritty, the reporter is to call department of building of carry out of city of Pearl River sun first. Adviser of one buy estate was not denied at that time depreciate to say, say at present the project is holding activity of favourable sales promotion, among them, 2 buildings roll out day Ji cabinet in all 30 4700 yuan / room of smooth rice bargain price, now only remnant many 10, express 4200 yuan / a price of smooth rice, it is for project sales promotion merely and the stunt of hype, if want to understand detailed situation, can seek advice to the spot.