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Open a floor newly dish base price pulls guest star 3360 yuan to ai

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National Day holiday first days, fold sales promotion in order to hit to give priority to a problem " building city golden week " also pull open big screen, development business put to good use all over skill draws the attention that buy the home, invite numerous recreation star to aid even blast sell a building. The reporter interviews discovery, price competition becomes one big heat of city of golden week building, energy of life of person seeing a building picks up somewhat, a few buildings dish sales volume is bullish, be like a yesterday of cereal of Yu golden hill one days day to sell give many 30 villa, sale is amounted to 100 million.

   Price of Pearl River new city won't fall too much

The vane of city of building of Guangzhou of it may be said of city of Pearl River new a tower over a city gate. Yesterday, be located in two buildings near Pearl River park dish, development business is hit at the same time 17 thousand, 18 thousand yuan / the price of square metre, in current Pearl River new city board piece, belong to quite " common people of press close to " the price. And relatively substantial price, better also region was moved clinch a deal quantity. Among them a building dish the selling manager says: "Welcomed 200 much people in the morning, clinch a deal have 34 stages settle or live in a strange place, it is to live oneself mostly model buy the home. It is to live oneself mostly model buy the home..

The reporter understands, the psychological price that buys a new to Pearl River city for the most part is in 1.5, 16 thousand yuan / square metre. To the trend of city of National Day building, mr Chen that pursues financial job says: "Although be returned at present OK and wait-and-see, but real value won't fall too much. In Pearl River new city, 16 thousand yuan / the price that square metre controls can be accepted. " Mr Chen still expresses, he values National Day to see the opportunity of the building very much, "I am only before now and then come out to see a building, national Day we dispatched 3 times, the hope can understand more " .

Should be asked about whether can buy a house in National Day when, buying the home Mr Liu that comes from power system says: "Unified exam Lv buys a house during National Day, random nevertheless sex is bigger, encounter appropriate can move. " Mr Liu still tells a reporter: "The price is not the element of only consideration, pearl River new city asks before a few buildings dish sell 13 thousand yuan / square metre, but front is bad, I did not consider. I did not consider..

Reporter discovery, buy an unit price of new to Pearl River city to be in 20000 yuan for the most part / the building under square metre dish be interested quite, and monovalent 20000 yuan / the expensive price of square metre above dish, criterion lack person make inquires, this indication price element remains the principal level that buys the home to choose a room.