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Avoid to be immersed in " make folding door " buy dozen fold a room to remember

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  Rigid demand of short duration is concealed

According to Beijing Central Plains 3 class market studies ministry statistic data shows, compared skill room January together Feburary (period house shows a house) the autograph on the net makes an appointment with a quantity to drop 61.2% . The person that buy a house manages money wait-and-see, and the constrictive loan policy that the bank implements continuously to developing business is to look ditto eye calls the main reason that loses a sale again and again.

And to skill room and the matter that the autograph on net showing a house arranges a quantity to drop, the personage inside course of study thinks, above all, house of commodity of skill of the Beijing after the Spring Festival increases supply newly the amount is limited, was less than 10 Feburary. Next, the outclass of value of project of skill commodity house that supplied Feburary is the same as area secondhand house price, and 60% is located in outer suburbs area, cannot satisfy partial consumer to buy room place to need. In addition, suffer south the urban estate market such as sea of as above of a few cities, Guangzhou, Shenzhen lasts low the impact that confuses development, again together with 2008 price of house of the Beijing after the Olympic Games " inflection point " guess, the person that also make buy a house continues wait-and-see, a large number of rigid demand are concealed temporarily, bring about clinch a deal the volume drops.

   Buy " dozen fold " the room is remembered well at 6 o'clock

For the person buy a house that is badly in need of buy course of study to the part, building of this paragraph of time dish hit in succession losing sales promotion is better chance undoubtedly. But those who deserve attention is, at present " make folding door " the building inside many dishes with project end dish give priority to, need when buying a house accordingly attentive all the more, ability ensures the house property that buys cheap of qualitative actor price, make oneself interest does not suffer lose.

The personage inside course of study suggests, the remaining part that buying these hitting to lose sales promotion dish when, can emphasize a consideration from 6 respects.

It is to undertake the market is compared more. From inside product of the likeness inside area, judge a place to buy a house quite in the future appreciate space, if be bought at present,hit break a floor dish the price under with area other building dish the price, criterion risk sex wants a lot of lower.

2 it is end dish general meeting has different level to be deficient in on pattern of floor, front, building, the person that buy a house cannot seek the price blindly low.

3 it is anatomize hit on judgement market break a floor dish have hurt forcedly without what restrict its to invest a space, if property serves character, already entered owner to be like what kind to its public praise; Additional, consider establishment of environment of the property inside the village, circumjacent form a complete set even, these metropolises affect a building directly dish appreciate latent capacity.