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Buy room clew: Appreciate the space is more serious than the discount

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  ■ the clew that buy a house

Appreciate the space is more serious than the discount

If the person buy a house that has the desire that buy a house truly chooses to be in move right now, how can buy the house that keeps a cost, if where of involute discount does real material benefit get in contending for?

   It is the most important to buy appropriate house

To buying room person for, want to understand oneself real requirement above all, every building dish the characteristic that has oneself, relative to at price rebate character, the house is appropriate it is the most fundamental condition, although very low discount, but use cost is exorbitant, the loss outweights the gain far, inside the range that permits in economic condition, choose appropriate house as far as possible, especially the house with likely a sector of an area, it is the basiccest standard forever, do not suffer dozen of effect that discount.

   See a discount calculate fine Zhang even

Discount house is main with end dish the item that needs with a sector of an area is given priority to, the discount of large family high total prices is taller also, in the backside of floor area price, how much is value of real usable floor area after all, just be final actual price, and a few end dish with large family utilization rate not tall, all through the ages has a discount, want to calculate fine Zhang.

Discount dish with low open quotation it is the phenomenon that coexists at present, have some of new-blown building dish the measure that although do not have clear choice to hit,folds, but the strategy that used low directly below current market pressure, bigger than buying the choice room of discount house, buy a room to cannot see single building dish discount, should contrast and all round coequal building dish the price is poor, include new dish and secondhand room, ability knows the value of the discount truly.

   House of discount of high grade a sector of an area more keep a cost

In trend of building town future not clear background falls, the discount house that buys now is economical, need considers development trend of future, continue in the country below the setting of adjusting control, the sex keeping a cost of the house and relationship of located a sector of an area are closer and closer, for instance near the subway, near the commercial new center of the program, grail enters the circumjacent area of city, new road program area, educational natural resources is concentrated area, park building dish wait, because have high grade explicit factor, no matter big environment falls how to change, building dish value has safeguard, many discounts building dish when contrast, factor of a sector of an area is mainer than discount scale. [1] [2] [3]

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