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The process that buy a house is contained " recessive " charge first buy course

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Hot line of space of our newspaper floor (89757313) since opening, receive citizens of a lot of buy course of study to ask the question that waits for a respect about administration fee of cost of the tax that buy a house, property, it is for the most part among them first buy course of study person. The fine fine tuning as the policy that buy a house is whole, the cost that the need that buy a house costs also is in corresponding adjustment.

Be like impose agree tax, below the certain circumstance that buy a house from total house price 1.5% adjust 3% , what in resembling such a few processes that buy a house, include " recessive " charge, it is not little first the citizen place of buy course of study does not understand. From before on the problem that citizen of record of floor space hot line feedbacks, this kind of issue is more outstanding also. At this point, hot line of space of our newspaper floor passes the calculation with a few simple paces, help everybody had mastered the budget that buy a house, come so, even if become in the future " negative old man " also need not be afraid of " raise " do not have a house.

The first pace: Estimate individual asset correctly

Buy a room to want to the basis needs and pay ability integrated consideration, preemptive the house that pays to rise, buy favorite house again, its gist is careful computational individual net assets. Net asset value is the cards in one's hand that the individual pays ability, must serious numerate, still include the total of 3 months expenses to average office worker, so that lash-up.

In individual asset, net assets is the money that can control at any time, to living oneself model for the person that buy a house, through with small change big, by prep so far as close, than one-time enter exalted house more actual. Consequently net assets of accurate computation individual is the premise that holds the ability that buy a house and foundation.

Individual net assets is the remaining sum that individual asset subtracts the individual is in debt. Individual asset includes: Shop, car, furniture, collect article; Cash, foreign currency, bond, stock; The residence, gold, gem, accumulation fund. The individual is in debt is the debt that should repay, include: Mortgage still borrow, car instalment; Short-term loan.

The 2nd pace: Know each tax cost

When buying a house ought to buy a house according to his fund condition. But the ready money that intends 1 million yuan, do not mean you to be able to buy 1 million yuan house, wait for charge because of fund of cost of even subtractive and necessary tax handling card, maintenance.

Current, the tax cost of pay of the need that buy a house has quite large proportion, a few duty with be compared main among them duty having a contract, estate trades cost. Buy secondhand should notice house property trades particularly when the room tax cost, some buy the tax cost of room bargainor pay to be assumed possibly by buyer. Differ as a result of bought house property property, if the area of the building is too large, or it is the 2nd house property, or it is to already bought public house to wait, the tax cost that needs pay has each different, and tax cost collects policy to be adjusted possibly at any time, estate goes trading when because this proposal buys room citizen,making the budget that buy a house the center enquires carefully.