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The lawyer reminds: When consumer buys a house must vigilant 3 kinds of trap

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On the law chair that held recently in Chongqing city library, chongqing city bar association is standing city of director, Chongqing arbitrates committee arbitrates the lawyer reminds a kingdom civilian, when consumer buys a house must vigilant 3 kinds of trap.

Trap one: Handed in deposit to be able to not buy a house certainly. Not long ago, chongqing citizen Mr Chen made 10 thousand yuan of deposit that buy a house to development business, get receipt of a piece of deposit. Development business calls Mr Chen to come home expect an announcement, development business will buy room agreement by receipt and Mr Chen autograph, house price is in control every square metre 4300 yuan of less than. However, when building dish when open quotation, development business does not sign the agreement that buy a house with Mr Chen however, and house price has risen to every square metre 5300 yuan. To this, king countryman lawyer says, deposit can prove Mr Chen has authority to buy a house only, together with fixes house price without written contract, if the person that buy a house encounters development business " act shamelessly " , safeguard oneself rights and interests very hard through deposit receipt. Accordingly, when the person that buy a house is making deposit, with development business is signed other more definite written agreement, with the responsibility of breach of contract of conventional both sides.

Trap 2: Vigilant " be closed down, be mortgaged " house property. King countryman lawyer says, already was concerned the branch closes down, the building that is mortgaged by development business cannot handle house property card, if consumer buys this kind of house property, although engage in a lawsuit,can get back the money that buy a house, but acquisition reparations is very finite, accordingly, calculate on the time that spends in the process that buy a house and energy, nature is to the loss outweights the gain. Consequently, consumer must be in charge of a branch to inquire the true condition of the building to the room before buying a house, the fundamental condition such as the area of accurate to the building carry out, floor should make clear Hunan, in order to avoid needless legal issue.

Trap 3: In the vigilant contract that buy a house " paronomasia " . King countryman says, to buying room contract, consumer must look careful, be like " hand in a room to pay " , it is to make room or prepaid money first after all, have different understanding, on the court, consumer and development business lose lawsuit possibly. Accordingly, consumer and when developing business to buy room contract in the autograph, want special attention to pay, make provision of room, break a contact, and both sides differentiates in the responsibility in card of conduction house property, deadline handling card, in the meantime, consumer ought to reserve the right that the room removes when development business cannot handle house property card on schedule.