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"Does the house have the expiration period? " quiet house expiration period sees

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  "Does the house have the expiration period? "Does the house have the expiration period??

"Really funny, the house is not Chinese cabbage, put long the meeting is mildewy, of brick tile fragment how to still have the expiration period? Of brick tile fragment how to still have the expiration period??

The answer is: Have.

   Different position " the expiration period " different

After the Spring Festival passes, when very much accurate owner is harvesting new home, also should care a house " the expiration period " .

The reporter is a few righter had bought room and the citizen that did not buy a house to undertake advisory, a lot of people are right of the house " the expiration period " not clear. A few people that did not buy a house show: This problem has not thought.

Actually, the expiration period of the house is very great to life influence of the citizen. Zhang Menglong of general manager of limited company of property of Oriental constant source expresses, of the building different " place " have guarantee differently deadline.

Concern a provision according to the country, using normally below, of project of building lowest construction guarantee deadline is: The waterproof project, toilet that has waterproof demand, room mixes roofing outside of the wall prevent leakage, for 5 years; Heat addition heating room system is two heating period; Electric cop, to catchment conduit, equipment installation is 2 years; Decorate a project to be 2 years. And of other item guarantee deadline criterion is agreed by construction unit and construction unit.

Additional, those who need an attention is, guarantee period the computation since the day that checks and accept qualification from project complete. Of the building specific guarantee clause, can use in building consign when, estate development company offers " residential guarantee of quality " and " residential operation instruction handbook " be pleasant to the eye.

   Passed " the expiration period " proper motion rehabilitate

Zhang Menglong introduces, guarantee in the building period inside occurrence quality problem, assume by development business directly keep long responsibility. If the house passed to guarantee period produce quality problem, by rehabilitate of proper motion of the person that buy a house.

Zhang Menglong expresses, exceed village owner number when a number of the exists generally building quality problem inside the village 1/3 when, owner committee is OK to " Shenyang town house runs the office " offer application " housing maintains capital " undertake maintaining.

Additional, reporter from bureau of Shenyang city house property relevant section understands, if the citizen disagrees to building quality problem, can undertake complaining to relevant section.