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Buy a house " geomantic " 10 kinds of buildings that avoid by all means needs to

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"Geomantic " in south, especially area of Hong Kong Guangdong says morer, a few this years people also begins Nanjing believed, when buying a house especially, at a draught the hundred thousands of about a hundred flower of 10 thousand goes out, fang Nu also was become, still do not fall a psychology is dependable and comfortable. Geomantic be " very black " thing, a little scientific basis affirms inside, too thorough we also are comprehended do not come, study is operated also difficulty. You must notice when buying a house, stand by these 10 kinds of architectural to the house had better not be bought or choose cautiously, your occupy went to otherwise so as to save, the undesirable shadow such as the calamity of hematic light envelops mind constantly, want to retreat a room again must not, still be gotten and develop business property to engage in a lawsuit, return what headache not quite!

   One, hospital: If live the place is near the hospital, be in geomantic going up is bad.

The reason is as follows: 1, the hospital has a lot of patient to live, the bacteria needs much; 2, the person of be in hospital, luck needs sluggish, so many sluggish gas accumulation is together, certainly will has major effect to circumjacent gas field; 3, hospital every day somebody wants operation operation, evil spirit gas is overweight, this also can affect circumjacent magnetic field; 4, hospital regular meeting has a patient to die of illness, some people are die with a grievance or everlasting regret, gas of its bad luck can affect circumjacent gas field. So if your house is a hospital near place, can have the following 3 methods dissolve: (1) , the house door that wants to should carry or it is a door, induct flourishing gas; (2) , pay attention to sanitation, the bacterium inbreaks hard; (3) , should have religious belief, if believe Buddha to wait, the high clever energy that can use religion so will increase gas field of the residence.

   2, cathedral, cloister

In geomantic learn to go up, the ground that belongs to Gu evil spirit is after the temple before the god, there is the place of a few religions such as fane, cathedral near the residence so is bad. Because these places are the place that deities places, get together crural ground, can make the gas field around or energy are disturbed and affect zoology environment of the person. Live around religious place, can be like below two problems: 1, the family can appear alone; 2, disposition easy go to extremes, or stamp with fury, or very fine be apt to, often be bullied to wait.

   3, emissive tower

Blast off or emissive tower receives signal of TV, phone commonly, gas field is strong, the biggest to magnetic field influence, and appearance is a needle. If there is this tower near house place, general meeting produces the following situation: 1, family is easy happen traumatic the calamity of light waiting for blood; 2, easy invigorative problem.