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The room is borrowed new politics fall how to be dealt with mortgage a room to b

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  If apply for loan to be not obtained,approve
Head period money can be retreated, deposit cannot be retreated more

Since a month, because the room is borrowed new politics still be in on particular operation detail in be being perfected ceaselessly, to room of the 2nd ring limit each bank to return existence difference, bring about consumer not know what to do. For this, the reporter collected consumer to mirror designedly relatively centralized problem, sought advice from professional personage to give solve.

The salesperson tells a reporter, the formalities that signs money of house of contract, pay is commonly such: Mai Jiaru decides to buy if really, be about pay 10000~100000 yuan differ or the deposit of other amount, sign subscribe book. On subscribe book, buy the home and development chamber of commerce to agree 10 weekday or other time are handed in head period sign contract of commodity house business. Before signing subscribe book or when valuation, SALES can judge his whether be had according to buying domestic economic atmosphere pay ability. Double the income that buys the home commonly is the money that offer a room, have the capacity that offer a room.

After 10 weekday, buy a pay head period money and sign contract of commodity house business. Mai Jiaru applies for the word of loan if really, should pass the data of respect of a series of oneself identities, income be examined to the bank and undertake mortgaging application. Give commonly hind, buy the home to be able to work to be informed in the future in 7 whether can obtain loan, and the time of bank make loans is give after 30 weekday after.

After 7 weekday, if be not obtained to approve, buy the home to must be inside formulary time complemental a period money, perhaps turn lump-sum payment means. If buy the home to cannot pay, can press only " whip is decided " , buy a beak a contract namely. Below this kind of circumstance, buying a deposit in pay of the place when signing subscribe book do not grant to return, but buy the home to will be returned in a period money of the pay when signing a contract. In contract of present commodity house business, it is not to grant commonly the agreement of countermand.

   Development business can be assisted more solve a room to lend an issue

Current, in Guangzhou house market, to big development business, a few when have relative stability mortgage a bank. Normally the state falls, should buy a consign after the deposit that 2 ~ differ 50 thousand yuan, development business is met the qualification that borrows money to the bank to buying the home undertakes the abecedarian understands. Accordingly, when arriving to be able to sign subscribe book, mean basically buy the home can successful buy a building with mortgaged means. If because oneself bad Zhang takes less than mortgaging to borrow money,buy the home, because be in before this,the buyers and sellers when making deposit already had conventional beak a contract square responsibility, accordingly, right now mostly building dish won't promise countermand.