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A few must ask more before buying a house " why? A few must ask more before buyi

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In laugh, the person that buy a house should think somewhat.

This year spring late essay " dreamy home " as a schoolbook, the customer that buys a house to the plan offerred very good model for painting. But, are you clear really " why " the answer of backside?

   Why should take magnifier to see a contract?

Essay camera lens: When Guo Da puts forward to ask to maintain a building by the contract, cai Ming is given went up a magnifier, let Guo Da seaming in search.

At present the treaty wording of general commodity house business on Shenyang estate market (the following abbreviation " contract " ) , by Liaoning province construction hall and Liaoning save bureau of industrial and commercial administration collective supervise the manufacture of.

Add up to the contract of 24 clauses, besides specification of contract of business of house of commodity of the 1st page, the 18 pages whole category of the others is like the fill a vacancy of pupil examination paper to inscribe, character and horizontal line (blank place) photograph crisscross.

"The person that does not have professional common sense wants to be absent when signing a contract, be in an unfavorable situation, must careful. " Beijing great continent Jiang Naifang of attorney office director expresses, though the statement that the contract reads with magnifier in essay is a little exaggerative, but because the part develops business to have,this also is " criminal record " reason. This ability let essay have the room of play.

   Why to explain authority puts in development business 's charge finally?

Essay camera lens: The regulation in the contract, if owner one-sided thinks building quality has a problem, development business will undertake maintaining when they are convenient.

Is final explanation authority what after all? Can be business of hair of get out of the way used " cut wheat " , " kind did wheat go " come " safeguard " does final explanation counterpoise?

Jiang Naifang expresses, legal group is right " final explanation counterpoises " did not decide definitely justice, but " final explanation authority puts in development 's charge business is all " the clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror that the word is a model, the contract is invalid. Consumer need not take invalid contract to discuss a view to development in that way like Guo Da, can inform against to door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry directly.

   Why are actual landscape and acceptance accorded with?

Essay camera lens: Guo Da complains: "When buying a house, you say to there are many 100 to join extremely big tree in garden area, actual it is seedling of a few sapling, look not carefully to still think planted green! Look not carefully to still think planted green!!