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Guideline of buy course of study: Comparing pouch to buy building first time to

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Buy a house for the first time, a lot of people do not have experience, muddleheaded signed a contract, take a house to just discover a lot of problems, it is very difficult that oneself income link pays a month to offer. Reporter from conduct financial transactions, door model, the nine respect such as traffic arranges expert proposal, to buy a house " dish bird " provide service of one continuous line.

   Comparing pouch to buy a house

Reason and the consumption that have a program are the premise that buys a house. Buy a house to avoid impulse, the person that the house buys before buying a house must want to make clear two problems: Why should buy a house? What kind of room to need after all? Make clear the content of these two respects, the person that buy a house to great majority is helped somewhat. Buy the capital amount that prepares before the room, decided to buy all significant action in the room.

The first time buy course of study person majority is a youth, firm job before long, the saving is not much, when because this is in,buying a house should do according to one's abilities, do not go after one pace to reach the designated position, pursue big blindly pursuit is luxurious, lest create enormous economic pressure to oneself. The building that ought to suit oneself certainly according to the actual condition such as oneself income, defray dish. Do not buy a room to want to buy 3 rooms namely two hall, one pace reachs the designated position; Set out from oneself actual condition however, plan well, it is good to can satisfy basic living requirement actually, avoid to appear unnecessary extra burden, and the consumptive view that education has gradient is very important.

   Evil the house is bought again after filling

Learning a few landed ABC is those who buy a house is indispensible. Grandchildren has said " calculate more get the better of calculate less " . To estate this buys both sides to carry out for the market of information asymmetry, consumer narrows actively information difference, total meeting decreases to be bought blindly perhaps be duped bought opportunity. Because estate market is a burgeoning industry that developing and matures stage by stage, the person that buy a house so needs to understand building city somewhat more before preparation buys a house. In a few developed countries, the person that having maturity and professional building agent to be able to be an individual buy a house offers professional advisory kimono Wu, legal laws and regulations and operating sequence are more normative also, the individual bought a room to had had a more mature pattern, the process is easier also. The building agent of the person that at present estate market of home returns what give this kind of major without education to buy a house in the light of the individual. Accordingly, the first time buy course of study person it is indispensible that the study before buying a house understands ABC of a few estate.