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Teach you how city of get behind building is hit lose shop sign of favourable sa

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Nowadays, entered building city to hit fold, favourable busy season. A fact that nots allow to ignore 10, lou Panan is accused claim to be being hit fold, but hit after all fold, dozen how much to fold? The person that buy a house wants to get benefit from which, need to discern carefully, make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, hand-in-hand travel is comparative.

1, through a variety of channel understanding is hit break a floor dish information. Now is a house the sale is off-season, business of a lot of development is hit fold no longer block cloak attack by surprise, this to buying a house person for it is a favour, the person that buy a house can break a floor to a few dozens from collect of website of newspaper, estate dish information. Want when collect information a few more attentive, what is treating dozen of condition that change, some Lou Panxuan says to buy a room to have privilege, but only right partial floor, door model privilege, other room sources are not enjoyed. Some buildings dish will favourable condition changes processing intentionally infirmly, the person that a few careless buy a house can be not enjoyed.

2, need to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot. Break news to hitting, the person that buy a house must be investigated carefully on the spot, seeing an end is true, such ability are unapt make oneself disappointed. The gimmick with development most idiomatic business has " rise from such-and-such price " , this has price probable annulus be less than the person that buy a house. Still have, some buildings that develop business him conduct propaganda dish the building that compares periphery dish want a lot of lower, actually otherwise.

3, notice account. Took department of carry out building, personnel of building of some carry out goes out to market the building, they can rouse beat upon painstakingly to lose the gain that brings to the person that buy a house. The person that buy a house at this moment does not want brains to give out heat, want the real case according to oneself, calculate buy such house to close after all improper, enjoyed how many material benefit. Have some of building actually dish the favourable condition that offer looks be like inviting, but via removing deliberate. For instance building of fierce Chang Mou dish say to buy ground floor to send large area basement, a little rock-bottom house daylighting condition is very poor, live special very uncomfortable, the most crucial is, still do not have property right card.

4, fight each other fold information to undertake be comparatived carefully. Inspecting a building dish when, the attention will inspect an object to undertake comparative with circumjacent house, judgement building dish depreciated really. Chinese mouth some building dish do not hit when folding 7500 yuan / square metre, huff of every square metre 300 yuan hind hit again fold, when be being folded than be not being hit even tall. Return some buildings dish, it is to hit really folded, but samer than periphery a sector of an area, door model building dish, the price a lot of taller. The building that buys this kind of kind dish, although enjoyed privilege, but was in an unfavorable situation actually.