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Buy a room to not forget vigilant Lou Panan announces avoid venture " moisture "

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See a room on the weekend busy, buy a room to prevent flicker. 20 days, some commerce develops village owner to be mirrorred to our newspaper, they and development business are put in many dispute, it is the disaster that false conduct propaganda causes. The reporter investigates discovery, most citizen lacks ego to protect consciousness when buying room and investment business store, cannot effective avoid risk.

This morning, citizen king gentleman is mirrorred, he is developed the propagandist flicker of business, bought house makes him to one's great diappointment, the facilities of a lot of form a complete set that alleges in advertisement exists far from. Subsequently, the reporter will to this village investigate discovery, roadside or building top set many billboard, many citizens are taken " special " will see a room. A propagandist book that the reporter sees development business this building dish depict United States annulus is beautifully Huan. Many citizens that plan to buy a house express, for fear that is not bought today, missed auspicious opportunity.

Mr Wang tells a reporter, before he buys a room to sign a contract, the salesperson claims this building use property belongs to business to live an organic whole, can live already, also can run a place as scriptorium and business shop. But, he understands from house property branch, so called " business lives " the concept that is businessman hype, this building is pure residence only actually.

Lou Panan accuses moisture big, already caused the attention of concerned branch. The reporter monitors a center to understand from advertisement of city industrial and commercial bureau, 2007 year advertisement monitors a report to show, estate advertisement has begun a large number of occurrence to covert financing, appreciate and invest the false and exaggerated content such as redound, relevant section is being increased examine strength while, remind consumer not to want the content that credulous advertisement publicizes, want careful, sensible investment, lest oneself incur pecuniary loss.

Industrial and commercial personnel introduces, the advertisement that business of near future investment spreads is added gradually much, this kind of advertisement spreads the form that gets get one's own back to appear with investing business mostly, per cent of affirmatory lowest redound, bank assures etc. The center of advertisement of city industrial and commercial bureau that monitor reminds say, when consumer buys a house or investment business is spread must not the content that credulous advertisement publicizes, lest incur pecuniary loss.

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