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Building city not measures unusual times to buy a house " fight dropping just is

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Building town future not is measured, do it of cudgel one's brains for is development business not only, also have us all round by tens of thousands the person that buy a house. House price is in perch, it is all round " abduct comes abduct goes " sound, if rushed skill, the loss may bear hard, but should buy room demand " there can be no turning back " when, we may be not being bought go up to add hesitation more with the issue that does not buy, handle oneself action that buy a house through more reliable means, increase fight risk coefficient, just be our the first important or urgent business.

Price: Xiang of Feng of tax of head of solid caution channel
Come on the stage character: Mr Lin, some goods shifts company employee.

Buy room doubt: My college graduate comes Qingdao works 4 years, before two days, I and girlfriend were ordered marriage, the house must be gotten bought, I cannot decide: Buying still is to buy greatly small.

My present circumstance is, at hand has 200 thousand yuan of deposit, bilateral parent can support 200 thousand yuan again, borrow again 80 thousand yuan seventeen, the house of a 70 much square metre can be bought in city north area. Still have a kind of choice, buy the house of a 100 much square metre namely, but our loan specified amount is about to exceed 400 thousand yuan. If bought big house, in the future life may be about to be borrowed money to be pressed suffocatively, but the wind direction of latter market is not too good, below such circumstance, the sex keeping a cost of the house is reduced possibly also. But bilateral parents thinks, house price drops to look in them possibility is not large, spend more money to change big house again in the future with its, as one pace reachs the designated position now. Be being bought anyway still is to buy greatly small still do not have final conclusion at present.

The problem is analytic: House price is in perch, market risk is increased, policy respect is in all the time blow a cold wind over, but demand is placed over however, and promoting house price or slow growth all the time, but it when can just attain profit is good to when can just attain profit as empty as benefit critical point, everybody says not clear. If house price still can go up, so buy big house apparent and economical, just want the life quality that sacrifices for some time, if the market will produce concussion, so those who buy small house fight risk coefficient taller.

Expert proposal: Long Jiang of general manager of dragon river studio thinks, nowadays market inflection point was not made clear very, but " look empty " below the circumstance of dense of state of mind, still buy small house more reliable. Consumer can calculate such brushstroke Zhang, even if risk comes, rigid demand still is in, so the masses can consume the little room that have, no matter be,move on difficult easy degree, the impact that get is minor. And fall in the trend that at present interest rate goes up, if the market does not have wave motion, the area needs brought appreciation number, also can offset because of the element of accrual, so he or proposal consumer are criterion with domestic economic atmosphere, the house that buys small family low total prices will transfer.