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Buy Fang Xiaotie person: Still borrow ahead of schedule need discreet avoid impl

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Money from tight relevant policy come on stage again and again, for the citizen that plans to having buy job, although feel not be to one's profit, the room still wants to buy, the paragraph still must be borrowed. Come from at Beijing Central Plains the statistical data of department of research of 3 class market makes clear, be in secondhand in the consumer that commodity house business trades, the choice uses what loan means buys a house to occupy to 45% , and 2007 the Central Bank 5 add the person that cease to buy a house to loan to mean expenses cost more and more, the pressure that still shifts also grows day and day. To reduce interest expenses, a lot of consumer consider to want to still be borrowed ahead of schedule, the stock market nowadays is small fan, one part investor begins to cast eye to still borrow a respect ahead of schedule, at the same time around of traditional Spring Festival is major company, company grants end of the year the period of award, the first month of the lunar year that the person that a lot of loan that take stake buy a house also can spend in indicative Spring Festival 15 hind the consideration deals with the relevant matters concerned that still borrows ahead of schedule. Be aimed at this circumstance, 3 class market studies Beijing Central Plains the researcher of the ministry deals with the flow that still borrows ahead of schedule and its note respect to give out with respect to you a few proposals, in order to facilitate you are faster, more successful conduction is good the relevant matters concerned that still borrows.

   Above all, examine photograph of the contract that buy a house carefully to pass a provision, plan market fund, had made the preparation that still borrows ahead of schedule.

When the money that gets ready to still be borrowed in you (partial bank borrows money partly to repaying ahead of schedule set lowermost limit, limitation of general requirement lowest 10 thousand yuan or 10 thousand yuan integer times, different bank and different, it is clear to need to seek advice to the bank) , examine what mention in the contract carefully to concern the provision that still borrows first, enquire the bank still is borrowed ahead of schedule whether to have penalty due to breach of contract. The bank sets now commonly it is inside loan period, loan extends full after a year, classics bank agrees, borrower but written application remands ahead of schedule part or full loan. Researcher of department of research of 3 class market reminds Beijing Central Plains the person that buy a house, the regulation that still borrows to shifting to an earlier date as a result of each bank is abhorrent, whether does reimbursement have penalty due to breach of contract to be inside a year accordingly, it is clear to reach relevant provision to must seek advice to the bank, at the same time notable is, put forward to shift to an earlier date reimbursement application must be him usurer.

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