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CITIC Square office average price of 15,000 yuan per square meter

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CITIC Square, there are few houses in the current office space available, the main area of 80-200 square meters, semi-level area of 600 square meters, floor area of 1,300 square meters, the average price of 15,000 yuan per square meter. Be rented out Minimum area of 330 square meters rent, 3 yuan / day / square meter. CITIC Plaza (Ningbo) project is invested by Hong Kong CITIC, site mulberry Road, east of the south of the CAS, the latter west of River, planning scared driving north of the road block, a large shopping plaza projects, shopping malls, commercial office Public and other functions into one, with a total area of 39,500 square meters, total construction area of nearly 138,600 square meters, June 9 for the ceremony. CITIC Pacific will be the future vision of the introduction of a large number of international fashion brand's flagship, multi- Catering and other leisure format, designed to meet the full range of customers shopping, entertainment, leisure and other needs, to create fashion consumption center of Ningbo. CITIC Square office project by the A, B two components. Where, B Block, a total height of 17 floors for the sale of the project, the entire floor area of 1,300 square meters, can be divided between the whole floor for sale to the sale, expected to open an average price of 13,000 yuan / ㎡. A, total height of 22 floors, the entire floor area of 1900 square meters, only for rent. At the same time, A, Office Building 1-3, that skirt part, will build a 13,500 square meters of large-scale boutique shopping. CITIC Plaza, surrounding facilities of international boutique shopping, shopping malls, sports centers, the International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the International Automobile City, near the hotel where the Sheraton Hotel New Century Hotel.