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Strong sales promotion leaves room of petty gain of choose and buy of 4 great sk

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Want to buy cheap house to be about to seize an opportunity, the building that has sales promotion indulgence especially dish

The near future, estate is in stagnant condition relatively, the businessman's mouth becomes loose somewhat, and rolled out the sales promotion privilege with greater strength one round another round. Live oneself to having the person of demand, can consider to begin to seek a room in the near future. A few have the introduction of the personage that buy a house of experience, buy house and like buying a share, how can buy the cheapest house, cultured is the opportunity that buy a house and choose property. The following a few practices, it is a few experience that the person buy a house that reporter place contacts introduces, but have one premise, because want to choose the cheapest house,be, the unit that chooses so won't perfect.

   Skill one: The subscribe before looking for accurate open quotation period

Look in what pass period of time after the building is compared, the building that chooses a hope to buy dish, be about to catch next allow low-cost opportunity. Experience buys domestic introduction, general of a new project head period the sales promotion of on holidays of the subscribe period before the product is rolled out, project, it is a better time that enter town, this moment buys cheap house the most easily.

Some projects scope is vast, so head period the price of the product won't be very high, especially head period one of the product taste newly appear on the market, the price is most substantial. The building that there is some of blame center area recently for instance dish open quotation, head period the price needs only 4000 multivariate / square metre, compare place board piece the price of congener property, every square metre is cheap nearly 1000 yuan. Visit white cloud area again a few cases, development sale had exceeded 5 years of time, up to now the price has been compared rose one times above at the outset. Head period before the product is rolled out, the businessman can have sincerity to register normally, the additional privilege of subscribe, this moment is about to hold.

   Skill 2: Seek sales promotion of accurate on holidays period

Except the interior before open quotation subscribe period has inferior price outside, many businessmen can change in on holidays items does sales promotion privilege, because the market is relatively cool this year, so the businessman is in the Spring Festival, 51, mid-autumn, the favourable strength of the holiday such as National Day, new year's day increases ceaselessly. If be by Feburary before, still have a few buildings dish privilege of not only the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, still additional every square metre reduces 89 yuan price rebate again, 100 come the unit of square metre, can save below 2289 yuan.