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After canning afford a room, live to have lunar income even 5000 person " the st

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Lunar income 5000 yuan, do not have a room you can consider to buy flatlet to live oneself, already the room lives you can consider " with old change new " the home oneself " litre upgrade " , need not " upgrade " , there still is a place in the hand " spare cash " can consider buy flatlet to try investment even. Below with respect to the month income fluctuates 5000 yuan likewise, but 3 kinds of families with housing different however situation, tell about respectively " the strategy that buy a house " , buy room ginseng in order to offer to take an examination of.

Buy room principle: Can afford live to rise even

According to investigation, lunar income 5000 yuan " do not have room a group of things with common features " , what stabilize quite for economic income mostly is medium young. Because have certain economy actual strength, as building city small family model, economy is applicable housing, secondhand the grow in quantity of the room, traffic development, the build of residence of low price of suburb of public transportation along the line, "Hire a room to be inferior to buying a house " , " the change lives " wait for life concept to make income of this kind of month 5000 yuan " do not have room a group of things with common features " become " the fresh troops that buy a house " .

One of, hire a room to be inferior to buying a house; Secondly; Buy a room to want to be able to afford not only, live to rise even, and what buy the room should be had " investment " latent capacity.

Small family appear, economy is applicable the build of housing, this kind of residence " low total prices " those who bring " low head pay, small moon is offerred " , make a lot of months income the 5000 yuan gens that rent a house strides none hesitantly " the main forces that buy a house " . But those who need an attention is: One, buying a house is to improve life quality, not be to increase a burden, want do according to one's abilities, buy the house that oneself can afford; 2, it is transitional namely " buy a house " , buys house should be had certain " change show a gender " , have certain investment latent capacity namely, if can appear on the market easily,sell or hack house property.

Buy the two big move before the room

Above all, to avoid " buy a room to increase life burden " this one risk, before buying a house, do careful and meticulous assessment to the belongings of oneself first, locate relevant section and building according to his economic capacity dish, should consider price advisable again than seeking a room much.

The 2nd it is to treat the condition of domestic income and expenses after buying a house, should emphasize particularly on when computational family income fixed and reliable origin, wait like accrual of salary, bank deposit, bond interest; The month that domestic expenses includes every months is offerred, expenses of education of expenses of phone of coal of property administration fee, water and electricity, normal life, entertainment. Calculate according to the expert, if buy a room to still shift expenditure,hold gross earnings of excellent front courtyard only 30% the following, should be safety. Need sees a month still borrow defray to hold proportion of domestic month gross income. The major person that buy a house is loan buys a house. If domestic month income 5000 yuan, house money month of every months supplies this not to exceed 1500 yuan. But if income anticipates growth foreground is valued quite, also can increase proportion appropriately.