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Buy line of business is direct: Some of what preparation should owner make befor

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Hand in the arrival of room climax as spring, many owner received requisition controlling a house in succession. Elated, many owner generate a few question at the same time, some of what preparation should be made before test house for instance, whether must choose division of professional test house to come test house. The problem that morning paper reporter cared with respect to a few owner recently, interviewed " at 0 o'clock test house " Wang Zhong of test house division.

Wangzhong suggests, owner is in after receiving house of development business produce the expected result to inform, can contact neighbour through the means such as community forum, before be being united centrally group by group as far as possible, go to. Head for check and accept a building, do not mean must sign a building finally to hand in accept the order and deal with stop add. Owner is fulfilled compulsorily accordingly, want existence premise above all, the building that develops business pay namely besides the legal file that has building delivery, the real quality of this building also ought to accord with a regulation.

Wang Zhong reminds, if receive room requisition send the formulary date that amounted to date to exceed agreement, should belong to incur loss through delay to meet room time, how does the compensatory byelaw that owner sees a contract set, want to raise claim for compensation to development business. When test house, must check and accept first, had checked a building to do not have a problem, or after all problems already got be settlemented satisfactorily, sign again. Ten million cannot agree to sign to take the key to see a room check and accept again first. Wanted owner to sign a building to hand over sheet only, dealt with into stop add, so development business is met with " owner has been approbated " for, reject to compensate for to quality problem. So, when building consign, owner people should make clear whether has this building had consign requirement.

Cui Jiandong of news morning paper