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Buying a house is the 4 big factors that an important matter must measure life f

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Before a lot of people buy a house urgent a confusion of voices, buy the impulse when the room, after buying a house, regret. The main reason that produces such phenomena is to fail according to oneself actual condition undertakes to his behavior that buy a house reason is analysed. In fact, to a lot of people, buying a house is an important matter. Oneself think, we must measure 4 big factors first before buying a house: Buy a room to because of,be moved, the capacity of life fixed position, economy, opportunity that buy a house.

   One, buy a room to because of,be moved.

Alleged buy a room to because of,be moved, oneself must be clear about before we are buying a house namely why and buy a house, the argument that and should be clear about supports us to buy a house is sufficient. Everybody buys a house because of,move endless and identical: Some people are to live oneself, some people are for some investment, people it is to improve the life of oneself and family; Some people buy a house is for his face (do not buy a room to appear oneself are mixed badly) , some people buy a house is to marry (if buying a house, cummer does not marry her) , some person; Some people buy a house is to keep a cost (they think house price won't fall) , because had accidental earning not to know however,some people buy a house is how reasonable control, some people are to be forced to covert buy a house (because creditor's rights concerns,must not buy a house with coverting) .

Oneself not quite because approve of marries, face wait and leasehold buy a house, because of these idea at oneself, Yu Jiadou it is extremely adverse.

   2, life fixed position.

Everybody has his lifestyle and philosophy, also have the right that has fixed position to his life. Different life style, different philosophy, different fixed position plays those who make a person method and behavior generation are different. Buying a house on the problem, the think of a way of everybody is endless also and same: Some the life that some the struggling target that some people think buying a house is him lifetime, people thought to earn dot money to should improve his above all, people think career be able to pass can the key is to should live well, such person joins the main force that buy a house the most easily; Some people think to answer to be attached most importance to with career and development, some people think to should have fund some sound program, people think the function of the building is only live, such National People's Congress chooses to rent a house more.

Oneself think, the youth should be attached most importance to with the career, not premature investment buys room range, it is advantageous to oneself life development so.

   3, economic capacity.

Our everybody is deciding his consumption or oneself economic ability should be measured when investment behavior, e.g. , the person won't consider our great majority to run quickly car, wear Shi Dan of Amani, Dai Jiang to pause, can undertake according to oneself economic condition reasonable consumption plans however. Same, the economic condition that him foundation also wants when we are choosing a building to consume has sound program, avoid by all means vies blindly. Early days, a lot of people do not have the capacity that buy a house originally, next devoted train that buy a house can be driven in blind state of mind, this kind of behavior and Everyman buy extravagant product as good as, visit is at oneself, at the home, at the society it is adverse.