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Wind of business shop investment is filled buy secondhand business shop takes sh

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In recent years, the wind that business shop invests more and more fill. But investor often is not operator, to business shop the management risk in the future lacks understanding. Especially to secondhand business shop, investor divides a consideration outside a few main factors such as house property utility, notice detail agrees even. If let owner issue,do not have donative or without rented written consent, appear in order to avoid in the future dispute.

The risk is evaluated calculate income

Camera lens one: Mr Hao deal earned many money, want to buy a business shop to sit collect rent. He does not have the investment experience of commercial real estate before, what decide investment manages in order then is secondhand business shop.

After be being searched for from newspaper, a when found some village to face a market two business room. Course of study advocates the gentleman bought this berth 2002, rented company of a meal. After inspecting this business to spread, mr Hao one'sed mind disturbed.

The lawyer comments on: Buy secondhand the investment that business shop is a special major, the element that investor requires to consider is very much, want to consider to invest a risk above all. Specific for, include business to spread environment of the commercial atmosphere all round, traffic, anteroom advocate the business state of operator of store of the tax cost that investment return rate, buying and selling bears, business.

And to these content, him investor make an on-the-spot investigation to often flow at idea. For instance, a few investor see shop contact crowd is very much, judge the business very good. In fact, the amount that contact crowd consumes actually, after each cost of operation of subtractive set up shop, still leave how many profit, spread out how much return rate of the investment on house price is, investor does not see very clearly. So, proposal Mr Hao or the investment firm that ask major or commercial representative company, undertake the risk is evaluated investing, after measuring cipher out yield, decide to whether invest again.

Whether by donative or rental

Camera lens 2: In had after buying intention, after Mr Hao asked some to invest orgnaization course to evaluate, investment income ratio is higher, then he decides to buy. And mix in Mr Hao Mr Zhang negotiate building transaction value, and after the item such as payment, the boss of the Song Dynasty of the meal firm that hiring expresses to object however, because he also is considering to whether buy this business store, he thinks he serves as tenement, enjoy preferential buy right.

The lawyer comments on: Secondhand before house business, the person that buy a house needs to understand this house property to whether donative, rental circumstance exists to owner, lest be immersed in dispute in the future. If owner expresses, the person that buy a house not only should let owner issue without donative or without rented written consent, go to the spot even survey, know truth. If owner is rental already,give others, so when make over, owner needs to shift to an earlier date normally 3 months inform tenant to sell matters concerned, tenant is enjoyed preferential buy right. So, the person that buy a house investigates tenant to whether abandon beforehand preferential it is quite important to buy right.