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What kind of building dish can aseismatic? How to choose " aseismatic room " ?

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The last problem is broad for certain of brandish of the person that buy a house do not go, face what happen possibly to destroy the earthquake with vast power, everybody hopes oneself house can more " solid " a few, how can you just choose so " aseismatic room " ? To this, we can notice such when:

It is old house of bridal chamber excel, quality of building of Shanghai housing designing institute detects station the staff member says so to the reporter: "From aseismatic angle for, general old building considers less in this respect, the standard is corresponding also and inferior, and going up century after 90 time, newly-built structure has higher demand in this respect, can be at ease on aseismatic function. Say aseismatic standard can undertake 10 every years adjustment according to actual condition commonly, as socioeconomy the development of each respect, it also is stricter and stricter, the standard also is rising ceaselessly. " from this for, time ages ago house is the more aseismatic function is about to differ a few, for instance from 1992 later, all Shanghai buildings are the standard fortify construction according to intensity of 7 degrees of earthquakes, this standard can resist place produces the 5 destruction to 5.5 class earthquake, of course to the house that builds before 1992, municipal government also adopts consolidate, tear open the different kind such as change, increase aseismatic capacity.

[Outspread read] : [Is the building construction with distributinging what kind of graph of countrywide earthquake belt the most aseismatic? [Is the building construction with distributinging what kind of graph of countrywide earthquake belt the most aseismatic??

The 2 quality that are housing materials, appraisal of safety of quality of Tianjin town house detects Jiang Chun of central vice director thinks, the residence is aseismatic the discretion of function basically depends on the stand or fall of building materials quality, what the of all kinds component such as the tensile strength that includes rolled steel, tectonic column, core column, girth asks is different, can affect the aseismatic sex of the building. Because the aseismatic establishment of the building is centered in concrete structure to cut floor of force wall, Lianghe, if the person that buy a house so is conditional, can know a house more the circumstance of this a few respects. When checking and accept a building, a few proposal can offer reference: L. Check Liang Zhu's joint to be in, have the state that denies generation chap, if have, its aperture must not be more than the ply of a piece of calling card; 2. The structure is in reinforcing steel bar to must not appear; 3. Building basement, metope must not have ooze regimen form to appear; 4. Notice concrete whether smooth, craze, if discover a problem, should make construction square be repaired in time.

3 it is the aseismatic function that trims force wall generally speaking better, so from the building the type looks, the aseismatic function of high-level building will be better, because they are the structure of the ferroconcrete, namely the shears that common weighs force wall structure. And resemble 60, very much more the brick mixes a structure the old labour room of 70 time, its are aseismatic function is about to differ a few.
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