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Whether is house property worth investment? 3 old formula help value of investor

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Inspect one place house property to whether be worth investment, evaluate its the most importantly to invest value namely, the income concern of the price that considers house property namely and expectation is reasonable. 3 old formula can help value of investor estimation house property under.

One, hire multiplicator is less than 12

Hire multiplicator, a be totaller price and annual total hire income simple formula (hire multiplicator = invests amount
/ ) of income of annual and potential hire, reasonable multiplicator should is less than 12.

Investor is OK what ask the total hire multiplicator of target property and oneself undertake comparative, also can compare between different property, take its lesser person. Nevertheless this method did not consider building sky buy and owe the influence that hires loss and operating expenses, financing and taxation.

2, 8 years of ~ 10 years of disinvestment

Invested law of pay back period to consider the main investment of hire, price and early days, wider than hire multiplicator suitable scope, OK still the accident of estimation capital pay back period. Its formula is: Crouch sail faint Zhang bright?(head inside time of period room of + of period house money mortgage a paragraph) / (lunar hire - mortgage a month to offer a fund) × 12. Generally speaking, reclaim year of number is shorter better, year of reasonable number control 10 years in 8 years of ~ .

3, buying cost of prep above of 15 years of accrual

If 15 years = house property buys year of accrual × of this property,buy valence, this property other people is worth somewhat; If year of accrual × of this property 15 years > house property buys price, this property still is provided appreciate space; If 15 years < house property buys year of accrual × of this property,buy valence, this property value already overmeasure.

Above is 3 kinds of commonly used scale and ratio method, some needs to make be forecasted simply and be analyticed can help investor make judgement quickly only, some still needs to undertake professional investment is analysed, computation is a few more additional index in order to increase dependability. For instance, the house property with a nice a sector of an area is likely present hire return rate is not high, but have relatively of beautiful appreciate foreground, or an average house can enjoy taxation derate, exorbitant hire multiplicator can be made up for on certain level. (Origin: Investor newspaper)

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